Ad Magic has been selling customized promotional items for over 20 years. Our experience in customized promotional items spans two decades and dozens of industries. Ad Magic has been in the business of creating personalized playing cards, custom poker chips and other imprinted items since 1989. Originally the business started as Imagics, Inc. back in 1989, named by the New York Ad Agency of Demartin Marona Cranstoun - the people who invented the infamous TIC TAC DISPLAY AND PACKAGING. The corporate name was changed in 1997 however to the current Ad Magic. Between the two companies - the staff at Ad Magic have serviced over 20 years of clients in industries spanning the globe with products like custom playing cards, custom poker chips, custom packaging, custom rulers, imprinted glassware, custom shaped USB drives with embeddedvideo and audio data, custom organic apparel and organic custom bags to name a few. Our specialty - however - is Personalized Playing Cards. From design to deadline – Ad Magic has provided imprinted products to members of hundreds of industries and thousands of consumers.